I started with an air rifle as a small boy shooting rats and coke cans, after leaving school I joined the Territorial Army (1979) serving for 21 years. That’s when I learned to shoot centrefire rifle.

I’m also DMQ 1&2 qualified, stalking and shooting a Red hind on the Isle of Arran when on my Level 2. I joined the F-Class league in 2002. We shoot at targets up to 1000yds away. The targets have a very small centre 5” v.bull with a 10” 5 ring then, moving out to 4,3,2,1 rings, you learn to make very good reloads with this size target.In 2016 I shot a new British record at 900yds 100.17 v.bulls (20 shots with Lapua bullets).

I build my own stalking and target rifles, teaching myself to use a lathe with some help from a friend.

Also in 2016 I was part of Team G.B. and travelled to Canada to compete in the Worlds individuals and team competitions, some of the best F-Class shooters in the world were competing. In 2017 I competed in the European Championships at Bisley, shooting over two days at 800yds, 900yds and 1000yds. The Lapua bullets I used served me well as I am now the reigning European F-Class Champion.


Paul Hill
Age: 60
Hometown: Ipswich


How long have you been shooting?
48 Years

Where do you shoot / hunt?
NRA ranges ie Bisley, Thetford Barton Rd and farm 100yd Testing Range
Do you Shoot Professionally?

Favourite Five
Colour: Green
Film: Enemy at the Gates (2001)
Food: Apples
Place: 1000yds on the range
Song: The Lark Acending – Vaughan Williams

Paul's Kit

Leupold VX-6 7-42×56 – Custom cds dial  /  Leupold GR 20-60×8 angled spotting scope  / lapua cases


Target shooting at the level at which Paul competes requires kit that that offers the highest precision and accuracy available, Leupold and Lapua have both these qualities that enable champions like him to succeed.