I started out shooting IPSC about 5 years ago, I wanted a sport that would replace the void that not playing rugby had left in my life. I was already into a number of different shooting disciplines, from stalking to clay shooting, but I wanted a little more dynamic, challenging and competitive.

My shooting club started to introduce IPSC Shotgun to its members and I was quickly hooked. Entering competitions involved going away as a group, very similar in many ways to club rugby! After 18 months of competing, I shot an international match in Germany and that same year shot at the Central European Shotgun Open (CESO) in Hungary, and have now travelled overseas to shoot every year since.

I have never considered myself as a top shooter, I just really enjoy my sport and put a lot of energy into practicing and competing, to be as good as I can be. I was fortunate enough to compete in the 2018 IPSC World Shotgun Shoot, hosted by the French IPSC Region, just outside of Chatteauroux, which was an amazing experience for me and an opportunity to meet so many fellow competitors from across the globe and was probably the highlight of my practical shooting career to date.

In 2019, I am planning to shoot the French National Championship, CESO and also some IPSC Rifle Competitions.

James Nixon
Age: 40
Hometown: Staplehurst, Kent


How long have you been shooting?
20+ Years

Where do you shoot / hunt? HTRPC in Dartford

Do you Shoot Professionally? No

Favourite Five
Colour: Blue
Film: Layer Cake (2004)
Food: A good quality, Blue Steak
Place: On the range – pretty much any range
Song: Darude – Sandstorm

James's Kit



The Breda B12i was designed with 3-Gun & Tactical shooters in mind.  The B12i features the proven inertia system and is considered by many to be best competition and/or tactical shotgun on the market today.