Deer Bob

I got into shooting through my father and then spent time stalking with a great friend of mine John Brown, who was a founding member of the British Deer Society. We spent a lot of time stalking in North Yorkshire and the South Lakes both for Roe and Red deer and to this day Roe are my favourite deer to hunt.


Deer Bob
Age: Unknown
Hometown: Harrogate


How long have you been shooting?
40 Years

Where do you shoot / hunt?
UK & Europe
Do you Shoot Professionally?

Favourite Five
Colour: Green
Film: Point Break (1991)
Food: Curry
Place: Nidderdale
Song: Anything by Pearl Jam

Bob's Kit

Merkel RX Helix 30-06  /  Leupold VX6-HD 3-15x56Rifle Scope  / Lapua 30-06 185g sp

Bob’s essential stalking kit consists of the amazingly fast Merkel RX Helix straight pull bolt action rifle, the incredibly clear VX6-HD scope and accuracy of the Lapua .30-06 Spring Soft Point ammunition are a second to none hunting combination.  

More of Bob's Kit

Range, Click, Shoot

A fixed blade Merkel hunting knife with a mouflon horn handle

Last light, no problem!

A versatile and easy to use gun rest and carrying system for demanding conditions